Two-time Nobel Prize Winner,
Dr. Linus Pauling had this to say about Chelation Therapy:

“Chelation therapy is far safer and much less expensive than surgical treatment of atherosclerosis. Chelation therapy might eliminate the need for bypass surgery and is equally valid when used as a preventative treatment.”

Even doctors get chelation!

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Coyle Chelation Clinic

IV infusion therapy is an integral part of our integrative, holistic approach to your  health and wellness. Most importantly, IVIntravenous infusion therapy, also known as IV therapy, involves administering nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medications) into the veins instead of by oral digestion. One of our more popular treatments is Chelation Therapy. Chelation, the process of removing harmful substances from the body by the simple process of ‘binding’ them or chelating them with water soluble compounds, has been highly effective at treating a wide range of health conditions.

Coyle Chelation Clinic offers complementary IV therapies of the following substances: