If you have even the beginnings of illness or disease, you should schedule a meeting with Dr. Coyle at the Coyle Chelation Clinic. Comprehensive blood work will usually reveal any outstanding issues — and based upon this test, Dr. Coyle will be able to make recommendations for improvement. This test can be taken before coming to the clinic, or arranged to be taken at the clinic.

Dr. Marcia Coyle Denson

In the little Mexican border town of San Luis, Mexico, just blocks from the U.S. Border sets the Coyle Chelation Clinic. This is a centre of healing to hundreds of Americans and Canadians as well as Mexican patients, who have experienced some of the amazing results achieved by practitioner Dr. Marcia Coyle Denson, MD and her staff, situated here for over four decades.

Dr. Marcia Coyle Denson is an American educated in Guadalajara, a gifted physician and practitioner that has been involved in the field of Chelation treatment for close to forty years.

She has a wide following of patients who attend her clinic in San Luis.  The clinical restrictions in Mexico allow the use of stronger and therefore more effective chelation treatment options and her prices make the practice more affordable for her older clients — as well as allowing them to take more treatments in the hope that they will see faster results.

To contact Coyle Chelation Clinic, you can  call the U.S. answering service 928.‪‪726-6381 and leave a detailed message outlining your specific areas of concern along with your telephone number.  This message will be received directly by Dr. Coyle. Potential clients are also encouraged to fax their blood panel results to Dr. Coyle for evaluation at this same  number. 

A consultation should then follow that will enable you to obtain her thoughts on your health issues based upon your lab results as well as the consultation.