Recommended Books

Forty Something Forever

– A Consumers Guide
 to Chelation Therapy and other Heart Savers
by Harold & Arline Brecher

EDTA Chelation Therapy
– By Stan Preble

Bypassing the Bypass
– By Elmer Cranton, M.D

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Taxi cabs are free to Coyle Chelation Clinic patrons, and the cabbie stand is located just inside the Mexican border. Leave your car on the US side of the border in a parking lot and walk through the border. Tell the cab driver you are going to the Coyle Chelation clinic. They will drive you to the clinic in less than five minutes.

  • Located just inside San Luis, Mexico, Coyle Clinic is a brief, 20 minute drive from Yuma, Arizona.
  • Drive south from Yuma on S. Route 95 through the city of San Luis, Arizona, until signs designating the road into Mexico are visible. 

There is only one main road into Mexico.

You will see a large, U.S. Border Patrol facility to your left and, in front of you, orange pylons and Border Patrol Guards. Do Not Proceed ahead unless you indeed want to drive into Mexico. [To do this, you will need to purchase Mexican insurance prior to [or upon] your arrival.] Most park and walk across the border.
  • As you see the Border Patrol structure, immediately turn right [west] on A Street — just before entering the border patrol zone.
  • There are several paid lots with prices ranging from 
$ 5.00 for the whole day.
  • Your chelation session will typically take three hours, so you will generally be back in the U.S. by 1:00 P.M.