I have heard that Chelation is effective in addressing Autism and other issues possibly related to bad reactions to vaccines. Is this true?

Chelation is remarkably effective for a number of applications. Should a doctor make a recommendation or referral for chelation thearapy to remove damaging toxins — whatever the source — it is likely that there will be areas of improvement. Contact Dr. Coyle for additional information.


Coyle Chelation Clinic offers complementary IV therapies of the following substances:

The simple blood blood test is required and can be brought to the Coyle Chelation Clinic, or can be arranged to be taken at the clinic. If you can arrange to have a test done at the clinic. Simply ask Dr. Coyle’s staff to arrange for your blood work

Taxi cabs are free to Coyle Clinic patrons. Cabs are available just inside the Mexico border. Cabbies recognize the name of the clinic and take you to the location which is just a few blocks from the border. Passports are required to pass freely back and forth over the border. No fees are required unless you are purchasing items to bring back to the U.S.

Special accommodations for wheelchair bound patrons are readily available.